US online advertising revenues reached almost $ 5.5billion for the third quarter of 2009, according to the IAB internet advertising revenue report. It representing an improvement of 1.7percentage from Q2’2009 and declined by 5.4percentage same period in last year. The internet advertising revenues for same period last year were $ 5.9billions.

First time drop in since last six years in Q3 revenues
If we observe trend of Q3 online advertising revenues, dropped by first time since last six years on year over year comparison. The online revenues 2004 to 2009 were $ 2.33billion, $ 3.14 billion, $ 4.78 billion, $ 5.26 billion, $ 5.9 billion and $ 5.5billion respectively. So this was the first drop because of economic crisis impact.

But if we look at statistics of the consumer online spending, according to the US department of commerce report consumers spent $ 34billion on online during the third quarter of 2009. This is an increase of 4.5percentage from q2’09 and 1.8percentage year over year comparison.

2008 first three quarters revenues vs 2009 first three quarters revenues
The total online revenues for first three quarters of 2008 were $ 17.4billions. This year because of economic crisis the revenues were almost reached by $ 16.39billions for first three quarters. Decreases by 5.8percentage compare to the last year first three quarters online revenues. The revenues were $ 5.46billion, $ 5.43billion and almost $ 5.5billion for first three quarters of 2009.
Same times in 2008 first three quarters revenues were $ 5.76billion, $ 5.74billion and $ 5.9billion.

2008 first half revenues vs 2009 first half revenues
According to the IAB report Internet advertising revenues were $ 10.9 billions in the first half of the year, declined by 5.3percentage compare to the last year during the same period. The revenues were $ 11.5 billions for first six months of 2008.

From the IAB online advertising revenue report for first half of 2009, Search and display related advertising continuing the top potions in revenue generation. Search ad revenue were on top with totaled $ 5,148million with 47percentage from total revenues and slight improvement from last year same period. Display related ad revenues included banner ads, rich media, digital video and sponsorship totaled $ 3,759million with 34percentage total revenues with second position. But declined by 1.1percentage compare to the last year same period.

Other formats like classified ads revenues totaled $ 1,116million, declined by almost 31percentage. Lead generation format revenues totaled $ 728millions declined by 9.6percentage. And E-mail ads revenues totaled $ 149millions declined by almost35percentage. The revenues in 2008 for search advertising, display related group advertising, online classifieds, lead generation and e-mail ads were $ 5,064billions, $ 3,799billions, $ 1,611billions, $ 806billions and $ 230billion respectively.

So far fourth quarter of 2008 online advertising revenues were on top
According to the IAB report if observed the quarter wise trend, fourth quarter of 2008 and fourth quarter of 2007 were on top positions in terms of total quarter revenue generation. The revenues were $ 6.1billion and $ 5.96billion revenues for Q4’08 and Q4’07.

So far fourth quarter of every year generating highest revenues in a year. Since it consists holiday season, so we may expect this year also some high revenues will come up for last quarter of the year.

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