February 19, 2017 Promote Your Website For Free

If you don’t know how to promote your website using Web 2.0 then here are some tips. When you first have a website that you want to get indexed, social bookmarking is the best way to obtain links going back to your site. Then you’ll set up your Web 2.0 network.

Depending on how aggressive your keyword list will establish the path you’ll take next. Some people only do social bookmarking and no more.

I implement my Web 2.0 plan when I have a very competitive keyword list. Go out and find some good social networking websites, create an account, and link back to your main website. You’ll use your keyword list and create articles that go back to the website you are trying to promote. This way you’ll have more than one link going back to your site.

I create little networks of sites because I control the outcome of what I am trying to promote. My PR ranking starts off very low but some of the websites I’ll be working off of have a PR ranking from 6 to 10. So even though your PR ranking will start out low because these other site have a high PR ranking that will help you in your promotional efforts. What you’re really doing is borrowing the PR ranking these Web 2.0 domain names have.

There are a few things you want to take into account before you set up your Web 2.0 network. Don’t directly link to affiliate programs. Many places will cancel your account. Set the articles up that talk about the keyword you are trying to target. I use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the URLs that link to a certain keyword and then I will link to each of the different Web 2.0 to different articles.

Now you’ll have a lot of pages targeting different keywords that you have on your list. You’ll begin to climb in the search engines for your niche as you’re linking back to your main site. Make sure you have a blog set up on the product or service you’re promoting because search engines love blogs.

Every time you create a Web 2.0 property, you’ll want to submit that URL to your bookmarking network as well. If you’re doing everything manually, you’d bookmark every single article you put up on your Web 2.0 network. On your blog Web 2.0 property, you’ll want to make sure you add a good ping list. This is useful when you’re learning how to promote your site. The last thing you don’t want to over look is the RSS feed. Then the feeds are submitted to the RSS aggregators and directories.

Now you know a few tips and tricks to promote your website. Don’t underestimate these simple steps. They might seem like things that can be overlooked, but shouldn’t be.

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