April 7, 2017 Radio Advertising

Radio is a medium that can target a large audience. Although, radio advertising is not so expensive, it is one medium that is extensive and cuts through large sections of people. Therefore, your messages can be tailored as well as localised. There are people who do all types of work and also listen to the radio.
Recommendations for Radio Advertising
Radio advertising has to have a target audience just like any other advertisement. For this you should know the listeners tuning in to a particular station. List the main radio stations popular in your area; listen to them and carefully identify your audience. Another important point is to know the kind of program you choose to advertise. If the program is for teenagers, the ad should be something that interests them. Radio commercials have to be aired several times before the listener understands it; running your ad once in two weeks will not help. Although, radio productions are simple that include a voice talent and script, it has to be presented very well. The voice should be absolutely clear. It’s important to hold the attention of the people; for this you should try to introduce interesting and entertaining ads. Urgency brings excitement; an ad should only have limited offers. When consumers are given a deadline, they adhere to it.
Why Air Radio Ads in Australia
Radio is considered to be a very personal medium; radio ads in Australia will give you the returns because 77.6% of people in Australia listen to radio commercials every week. Commercials on radio are not as costly as television ads; they can also be quickly created. It’s a very powerful and influential medium as listeners rush to a sale on listening to the advertisement. When people listen to the radio while travelling and learn about a discount sale, they can take a detour and head towards the store. Radio commercials are not wasted as they are well targeted. It reaches the right people at an inexpensive rate. Australians above 10 years spend over 19 hours weekly listening to the radio.
Businesses Use Radio Ads to Target Groups
Radio ads in Australia work well for businesses; it’s not an alternative but the first option. Commercial radio is very popular in Australia and a great number of people respond to it; it is said that about 64% people respond to radio ads. People consider radio as a reliable source of information; additionally, they rely on it as it is up-to-date. Furthermore, you can be on the move while listening to it, unlike television. Youngsters love it; engaging this group is crucial, as they have available income that they can afford to spend. Therefore, it’s an investment to target this group. Young people follow the latest fashion trends and purchase the products they like in spite of the cost. The listener base should match your selected demographic group. Spend money on radio ads and watch the ROI that comes in.

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