April 22, 2017 Social Media Analysis

Social media analysis is very important as far as the security of any country is concerned. Most governments have developed mechanisms of analyzing the data on social media in order to get hold of those citizens who are not patriotic to their country. More so, they use this data analysis tools to monitor the way people talk on social media concerning very sensitive issues in the government.

Politics in this social media analysis comes as a result of the interests of people who take part in the systems development. There are a number of reasons that make social media analysis win the interests of people and as a result trigger some political games that will take a certain direction in a way.

1. Self interest

Most people would engage in social media analysis with the aim of fulfilling self-interests. Such people gather and sensitize people on the type of posts to share online so that in the long run, if we have that particular social media being analyzed, we get results that seem to take a certain direction when in real sense the results have been politicized. In addition, social media analysis politics can be looked at in a different perspective. We look at it as the study of good governance of the social media analysis. This means that when analyzing media, we need to put into consideration all the rules that are required in the performance.

Therefore self-interest can negatively affect the results of social media analysis leading to invalid inferences which may eventually cause wrong predictions if we base our conclusions singly on such results. For example, if one influences people to post certain type of text messages on a social site in praise of one self, then we are likely to get the impression that this person is popular when in real sense it is out of mere influence to a specific group of people, most probably his/her supporters.

2. Reason for analysis

The reason for doing social media analysis is another key question that needs to be answered right lest it raises political fights because of various reasons. Some people may prefer that analysis be done in order to monitor conversations of people so that everything is taken care of by knowing what is talked about most. More so, the government takes this very seriously in monitoring the type of information that its citizens share on social media.

So, for those who support the government agrees with social media analysis as a way of proper governance. On the other hand, those opposed to the government argue that social media sentiment analysis is infringement of the human rights. They say it is violation of the right of privacy for individuals.

Other analysts argue that such kind of analysis should allow if the records are to be kept exclusively by those social platform owners. They can only be shown to the government or any other party who must swear an affidavit in court, so they have a court order to access the information.

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