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February 22, 2017 Social Media For Dummies

Check out these social media for dummies images:

Social Media Trainees
social media for dummies
Always pimp your PodCasting swag.
Pictured here are:
PodCast Pickle buttons
PodCasting for Dummies (promo copies) by Tee Morris and Evo Terra
Spherical Tomi Chap Book by Jack Mangan
And last, but not least, EarthCore by Mr. Bad Ass Himself, Scott Sigler

And three good sports from ACGNJ. These guys were real troopers. They asked real questions about PodCasting, and I hope that my presentation left them with something to take away.

Dead Tree Social Media For Dummies
social media for dummies

Code Android & SG-GTUG Oct 09 Meetup
social media for dummies
Yo Guys! On Sat 11am (31st Oct 2009), I made my way to Google Singapore office at Temasek Tower to attend Code Android Singapore meetup. Didn’t park at Temasek Tower as there are hourly charges before 1pm. Instead, I parked at UIC Building which is S per entry for the whole day but have to walk around 5 mins to Temasek Tower. Morning walk is good!

Code Android Singapore is basically a Google Android™ Developers and User Group, where the community can learn about the platform, latest news, reviews and such. In the Code Android Oct 09 meetup, Hongster (Leong Hean Hong) will be talking about “ColorFilter For The Dummies” and Royyuru Avinash on “Monetizing on Android”. I didn’t take much photos during the Code Android session as I was really focusing on the talks (due to the unfamiliarity of Android platform).

Anyway, the above shows the pantry corner of Google Singapore office, where the Google staff can help themselves to the drinks and food. Thanks to Google Singapore that attendees of the Code Android and Singapore Google Technology User Group (SG-GTUG) enjoys the same privileges!

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