February 20, 2017 Social Media Is

Social media is such a forum that has eliminated the geographical boundaries between two people. Now, with the help of social media forums you can not only create new friendship but at the same time you can collect, share a lot of knowledge, views and thoughts with many of your friends. A few years back also, whenever people used to ask what social media is the answer was very limited but now with the invention of social forums like digg the concept of social media has got a new dimension.

In social forums like digg you will get a chance to upload various articles, videos, pictures and other news from other links. In digg you can not only upload videos but you can also get a feedback of these videos and even talk about it.

Now let us get into the step by step procedure of the working of the social forum called digg. To start with, you need to create a profile and build a community of yours. You can build up your own personalized community by uploading various informative and interesting news, videos, pictures and articles. If you find any matter interesting then surely you can share it with digg.

After you upload all the images, articles, news and videos in your profile, you can share them with other communities in the digg forum. If your uploaded matter is liked by the other communities then they all will “digg” your uploaded documents. The documents of yours that get the maximum diggs will be uploaded on the first page of the digg forum.

The best part of digg is that you can have a thorough discussion related to any topic. So, here you can not only upload important matter but at the same time you can share your views too.

If you want to be popular then digg is one such option for you, where with your articles, views and news you can get a lot of popularity. If you want to know more about any upcoming news, articles, videos then you can check out the upcoming option.

In digg if you don’t like any uploaded matter in any other profile then with the option of “bury” you can report the matter straight to the digg community. So, here you can protect the digg community from any misuse with the aid of the bury option.

So, now social media like dig is not only limited to making new friends rather with these kinds of social media you can upgrade your knowledge and at the same time share your thoughts, knowledge with the entire dig community. So next time if somebody asks you what social media is all about then you know exactly what to say.

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