Nice Social Media Listening photos
August 4, 2016 Social Media Listening

Several nice social media marketing listening photos i discovered:

Social media marketing Session at ad:tech Chicago
social media marketing hearing
Social networking: The Dynamics associated with Genre and The Opportunities for Marketers
In the past 24 months, a new generation of tens of an incredible number of consumers has started living, playing, and purchasing online in brand-new ways maybe not possible even a few years earlier. Enabled by tools referred to as blog sites, online networks and Web 2.0 technologies, social media could be the fastest-growing consumer advertising and marketing arena worldwide. Pay attention to pundits talk about exactly how these new internet sites are monetizing this market and exactly what marketers can perform to activate.

David Carlick, Handling Director, Vantage Point Venture Partners

Ted McConnell, Interactive Innovation Director, Procter & Gamble
Amy Gibby, President,
Kris Oser, Director of Strategic Communications, eMarketer
Shawn Gold, Senior VP, Marketing and Content,

Switching Stations, Altering Media
social media paying attention
Siegel, Arthur S., photographer. 1939

Royal Oak, Michigan. A family hearing the air and reading Father Coughlin’s paper "Social justice"

LC-USW3-016733-C into the Library of Congress

This picture appears on Death of the Newspaper … Birth of Local Media? on Absolute Michigan. We uploaded it right here because the LOC helps it be very hard to link to and employ pictures.

I was thinking it absolutely was interesting because this image is 1939 and periodicals these days STILL employ very similar enterprize model.

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