April 25, 2017 Social Media Manager

A social media management filters, monitors and guides the streaming opinions and reactions for or against a brand or organization or individual and a topic of burning interest. Social media is a very recent phenomenon of only a decade, which has won enviable space of public interest and engagement. Naturally, public relations departments of administrative authorities or corporate houses always exploit the enormous power of social media to communicate instant messages and to build brands for products. The role of a media manager is to monitor the media on behalf of the brand of the company which appoints him.

Social media works through popular media sites like Facebook and Twitter and draw and involves an enormous number of people instantly by soliciting and publishing their opinions and reactions on any product or event or any individual and organization. A social media marketing is required by a big industrial house or social organization. He can keep an eye on the proceedings in the media and try to monitor and guide the trend on behalf of his employer or his brand or his cause. It is like the job of a community manager of a website which runs a public forum. Commercial houses appoint media managers who work like a public relations manager while playing a bridge between the management and the customers.

Corporate houses recognize that social media is as efficient a driver of revenue as senior vice presidents and marketing executives. Whenever you open a social media site, you will find lots of jobs on offer from business houses. This makes the media management job a good career and the coveted posts in established companies are in hot pursuit. But The production chain of a company most of the times fails to recognize the status of a social media managers as somebody belonging to their family. The media managers are supposed to be doing nothing but gaming on his/her computer day in and day out and trying to steal the limelight. This is no doubt a cross department complexity in any organization. If the company is determined to keep its brand in the limelight, it cannot ignore the media and the manager.

Most of the times the media managers remain overworked because they have to handle multiple accounts of the company on different websites. The job has no fixed hours of duty; it is a twenty four hour job like the defense system of a nation’s frontier. Creation of a brand and continuation of the brand and developing a brand loyalty is nothing less than waging around the clock war against competitors. Production managers and marketing executives may admit or not, they will go into hibernation if people turn their faces away from a brand. It is the advertisement storm that makes heroes out of commoners. So you must admire the real heroes behind the successful sales of a product.

Appoint a social media manager to look after your social media accounts and usher in efficient marketing dynamics.

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