February 21, 2017 Social Media Seminars

After spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on social media marketing training and coaching programs, I can share with certainty the right ways
and the wrongs ways to develop an mlm business in Socia Media.

The wrong way is when you just blatently spam your products and services to people
who didn’t ask even for information about what you do. Thats the wrong way.

The right way is when you build relationships, rapport and trust and give value back to these online community’s.

When you add value what you quickly notice is that people are drawn to you and you’re easily able to build a massive following and then influence that group to do what
you want.

Those that are able to interact on a personal level are the ones with the 10’s of thousands of followers, and they are the Social Media Marketers who are able to the get people off of social media websites and into websites, webinars, and auto responders where they THEN sell training programs, courses, mlm products and distributor kits with a lot less effort because they first created the realtionship and the connection.


Without creating the relationships first, everything that you do in Social Media will sabotage your marketing efforts and the results that you could have gotten with LESS time, energy and effort.

Meaning that if you are just out saying “hey I’m involved with XYZ company, we are looking for leaders right now!” you may get some people who come and take a look,
but the quality of those people will never really help you to build a successful business.

What you want to do is “Stand Out From The Crowd.”

You want to create your own personal brand and that way you will “Attract” good quality people who will connect with you.

That also allows the abilty for everyone to market effectivly, because if everyone were on Social Media pitching the same MLM company along with 100 Thousand other distributors from the same company no one would get anywhere and there would
be no distinction between any of them.

BUT, if you are out there branding YOURSELF… meaning that you have a Twitter account about YOU and NOT your company’s products, if you have a YouTube channel that delivered valuable content about YOURSELF and NOT about your company’s products and you have a Facebook page that is all about YOU and NOT about you as an XYZ distributor….

And on these accounts you were giving valuable content about what you like, what you do, what value you offer and other great stuff that allows visitors to know YOU PERSONALLY, then the visitor has a chance to get to know you and learn from you and they would be more likly then to join you because you will have CONNECTED with them.

You will attract people to you because there is no one like you, you are an
individual, there is no one on the planet who is just like you.

So even if you are marketing on Social Media and you have another 100 thousand XYZ company distributors who are building their brand and there image also, you are
still going to find people who connect with you and not them because there is only one of you.

So here is a very valuable Social Media Marketing Training Tip to take away today…

The best way to build a business, to build a list of hungry prospects and buyers is not to promote any products or service, but it is to PROMOTE YOURSELF.

And show people YOUR VALUE.

Show people what you are about and why you are so good.

So that means that you need to be out building your value.

Here are some suggestions on how you can build your value that I personally use.

1.) Get on EVERYONES email marketing list. I opened a seperate email account for this and I get a lot of emails everyday from the experts in my industry, and a lot of spam also. I can see that my email has been sold off, even though they promise not to. It doesn’t matter because I am learning what to do and what NOT TO DO.

When you find someone who interests you, get on their email list and learn everything you can from them. Learn how they market, how their funnels work, sales process
etc… everything you can. Thats going to help you a lot.

2.) Another great way to increase your value is to get on the free webinars, free seminars and any other free training that you can get your hands on such as ebooks, audios and videos.

Free seminars are a great place to hang out because they are a fantastic place to not only learn, but to meet people who have similar interests as you in your local area. And a lot of times, you are able to directly promote what you do because people like to buy from those they know and trust and face to face allows that to happen very quickly.

3.) And then my third suggestion for you to increase your value is to BUY the trainings that you need in order to get to the next level. Some of them you will be able to share the costs of with your friends and business partners, but many you will need take that responsibility for your own education and just pay the price.

The price that you are willing to pay for your Social Media Marketing Training is what will set you apart from those who were not willing to pay and that advanced knowledge and skill will shine through in everything that you do.

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