Cool Social Networking Companies images

Some cool social networking companies images:

The FlickrVerse, April 2005 poster: flickr’s social network
social networking companies
This graph depicts the relationships between 2367 people.
I realize the "original" size of this isn’t very clear at only 10% of the full size. There’s also a better resolution at 20%.

How can you find yourself there? Lachie has built a People Finder! Check it out!

Read here for more info.

DILO 03-21-05 – A msg to the powers that be
social networking companies
I’m sure it’s just stress from the whole thing, but I hope Yahoo! doesn’t muck around with Flickr…I like it how it is!

"Yahoo Inc. is acquiring a Canadian photo-sharing company that lets people share digital images with select groups or the whole world, expanding its portfolio of self-publishing and "social networking" services.

"The startup, Flickr Inc., lets people upload digital photos from computers and camera phones, publish photos in their blogs, share digital photo albums with anyone else who uses the service and alert other users whenever they upload a new photo or album."

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