February 6, 2017 Social Networks Websites

One of the biggest growth areas on the Internet are the Social Networks. The top Social Network websites have between 60 and 110 million monthly users. New sign up’s total over 250,000 per day. Up to 43 percent of Social Network website members have accounts with more than one site. (Rapleaf, 2008)

The obvious thoughts most people have regarding the increasing number of Social Network websites is that they’re places to meet people, find a date, marry a mate or just strike up some long distance Internet friendships. Then there are the few who learn and read about just how many people there are on these sites, in some cases spending one to two hours per day in some sort of activity, and see opportunity.

That opportunity potential is why many businesses have set up pages on the leading Social Network sites. Charities have done likewise in an effort to connect with people who could become contributors. Politicians at all levels have made having a Social Network page a rule rather than an exception. They all have realized that a strong “people connection” can quickly become a money earning connection.

The surprising truth is that this income earning opportunity is open to all. The Social Network sites have built a money making outlet for everyone. It’s waiting for the person to sign up and tailor their ready made spot the way that they want. While the vast majority use it to reflect their personality, likes and passions the mind that’s focused on making money has an entirely different opportunity.

Just as the Social Network sites have built what is needed to lay claim to a spot on the Internet, many have also created a variety of ways to earn money through these sites. The operators of these popular sites understand that for a business to succeed, partnerships and diversification with smart plans and choices are the key.

These partnerships make themselves available to every individual who is active on the web. Unfortunately it’s a small minority who hears their invitation. Even when someone sniffs out the money making potential on the Internet through Social Network sites, there are so many ideas and promises that the person feels like they’re playing Deal Or No Deal without a Banker giving them a financial escape route.

There are those who claim to have THE idea for getting rich. Just send them money and then they’ll send you instructions on what to do. When that idea falls apart the person doesn’t have to quit because there’s another and another and another making the same claims.

Making money on the Internet through the Social Network websites is not as difficult as many believe. It’s proven that there are people on these sites. The one challenge is deciding how to make your first impression with this market of tens of millions of people. That’s a pretty heavy decision. One wrong move makes a second chance with those tens of millions of people a wish and a dream.

The idea that information is power is certainly a proven one. There’s an available source of information and guidance featured in The Rich Jerks Earn From Social Networks E-book. The authors have studied in depth the ways that many set out to try to earn money through Social Network websites. They reveal the value of quality friendship connections versus thousands of friends along with the importance of a professional style and presentation, not spamming or trapping people, which will insure that visitors will return and the money making potential will grow.

The Rich Jerks Earn From Social Networks E-book presents tips and insight for the novice to the veteran Internet user. The reader is guided in how to set up their website and blog, insure that it’s attractive and useful to visit, what the mistakes that impact success are and how to create the money making elements that produce results..

Social Network websites have become a part of people’s everyday life. Those who understand this fact see it as an opportunity to make money. Just as with any business, it’s important to respect your customers. It’s very easy to throw buckets of ads at someone only to chase them away. True money earning success comes about when you invest some time, gain some knowledge and show some professionalism which invites people back over and over.

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