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February 25, 2017 Tech Support Websites

Some cool tech support websites images:

Motionligno Adeo — talking
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I have in my hot little hands the Motionlingo Adeo — a tiny, 2.1 ounce GPS receiver used to track your workouts.

The feedback is completely aural — you plug in a headphone, hit the "go" button, and listen for updates during your workout on distance, time, average and current speed, max speed, time-of-day, and elevation. My bicycle computer tells me these things already, but the Adeo is designed for "visually intensive sports such as skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking." For winter sports in particular it’s a pain in the neck to dig things out from under three layers of clothing so I can especially see the utility of an audible tool like the Adeo. Even while cycling I don’t always like to look at my computer, especially at speeds over about 40 mph.

If you like to listen to music during your workout, the Adeo has an audio input jack — with an included cable you connect your MP3 player to the Adeo, and the Adeo just passes the music through.

Stated battery life is six hours, so for all day activities such as hiking or climbing or anything in the backcountry you’ll lose the battery. You can buy a wall wart from Motionlingo, but right now there is no officially supported portable power supply.

You can upload the data to the Motionlingo website, where you can see a map of your workout. The site also includes a fairly full-featured fitness journal.

I’ll post a full review to Cyclelicious after I’ve given the Adeo and the online journal a full workout.

You see a plate of carryout sushi (California Rolls) because I grabbed this while I was out to get my lunch. for the sushi plus salad from Dashi Japanese Restaurant on Willow Road in Menlo Park.

Fight Hunger Web team
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The Fight Hunger web team, from the left on the picture:
Anna Ylä-Kauttu
Susanne Thörnqvist
Desirée Forsyth-Sommer
Cordelia Salter-Nour
Emanuele Quinto


I’m a 28 yr old psychologist from Peru. My previous working experience is related to psychology and couselling, however, I joined the Walk the World Team in 2005 and was assigned to our webteam with other talentful colleagues. It was my first experience ever working with anything related to the ‘tech world’, but soon got to enjoy it very much as it allowed me to communicate with so many new people and bring so many around the globe together, sharing motivations and passions. I became the grassroots Walks coordinator, supporting and encouraging over 100 grassroots walks around the world, doing online outreach and advocacy. I’m in charged of our webmail management and work on translations as well as publications for Walk the World.
/ Desirée

My name is Susanne Thörnqvist and I’m from Sweden. I’m 30 years old and have been working for Fight Hunger for one year. I am working with the web team with online marketing, blogging, research, youth outreach and helping with creating the content.

I’m Anna Yla-Kauttu from Finland. I’m 30 years old. I’m helping to create the content of the web site, which includes working on basic html, image processing and translation management.

Bio for Cordelia Salter-Nour
I’m English and have a background in technology in development in Africa. Before coming to Italy in 2002 I lived in Africa for 23 years – in Egypt, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Ghana. In Ghana I started an ecommerce website – – a fair trade website creating sustainable businesses for traditional African artisans.

My main interest is how technology in general and the Internet in particular can be used to benefit the least advantaged members of society. is focussing on hungry children which I think is hugely important. Children are the future and if they get a good start they can contribute positively to their societies when they grow up.

In Africa I saw a lot of street children who were so bright and enthusiastic even though they had nothing and lived on the streets. It just doesn’t seem fair that our society doesn’t take care of them. Children are precious commodities that should be nurtured and not abused.

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