Nice Traffic Increase photos
April 8, 2018 Traffic Increase

Some cool traffic increase images:

traffic increase
Funny for so many reasons that only I find amusing. First I think all public transport should be named after great writers.

"Are you getting the Ballard?"

"No. I’m going to jump on the Moorcock…

And then there’s the idea of JG Ballard as Mayor. Increased traffic but more fun to watch…

Atlantic coast bike path
traffic increase
(Click on boxes in photo to see notes)

This bike path is in San Sebastian, Spain, a medium-sized, compact city on the northern Atlantic coast (here’s a map showing where it is). It is a coast road, but it’s not a heavy through route. Vehicular traffic goes two ways, but is relatively slow. A two-way bike lane has no crossings for several miles. When this path joins the urban environment, there are a lot more markings and signs to help regulate interactions between cyclists, pedestrians, and cars, as you can see here.

I saw very little bicycle infrastructure in Spain, and very few people riding bikes (though, of course, still more than in the US). San Sebastian has very clearly made significant investments in bicycle facilities, and you see many more people riding bikes. I don’t know if this is driven by tourism, but many of the facilities, like this one, are clearly oriented to scenic pleasure rides.

Another standout exception was the city of Córdoba, which has also made a distinct effort to provide bike facilities. I happened to meet with their local bike advocacy group (Plataforma Carril-Bici de Córdoba–I’d make fun of how long it is, but after all I work for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance) and was impressed with their efforts and success. Unfortunately, we got to Córdoba pretty late, and I wasn’t able to take pictures of bike facilities.

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