April 9, 2017 Traffic To Your Website

Driving traffic to your website may be difficult, but getting targeted traffic to your website can feel like an uphill battle. What are the differences between the too? Traffic flows on past while targeted traffic becomes potential customers. Creating a flow of traffic to your website allows the average person to view your website. The average person visits a website for about 45 seconds. That’s long enough to look and leave. This type of shopping is often considered window shopping at its most convenient.

To run a successful online business, you don’t need traffic that creates average visitors. You need a method of creating repeat customers and people who are genuinely interested in what your website has to offer.

Several methods of traffic generation exist and all of them take some degree of work on the webmaster’s part. Article marketing and link building campaigns are two very effective methods of building a good client base and driving quality, targeted traffic to your website. Discussion forum and e-mail signatures are also effective methods of creating links to and driving targeted traffic to your website. What are the differences between these types of marketing?

Article marketing drives traffic to your site by means of an author information box. Articles are very informative and may be written about any service or product your website offers. Great information about your products and services will help inspire people to click the link to your website from your author information box. If you aren’t comfortable writing your own articles, that’s OK. Several companies offer ghostwriting services for reasonable prices and even submit your articles to article submission websites to optimum results.

Link building campaigns help build the number of incoming links to your website. Website popularity is one of the methods search engines use to rank websites. Remember, successful link building is not the same as SPAM. Successful link building campaigns include visiting other websites, forums and blogs that relate to your website and offering information and a link back to your website. You must be choosy when selecting where to leave a message and link, because most webmasters and blog owners consider any type of links SPAM.

Even if your business is 100 percent online, don’t overlook paper advertising as a viable source of website traffic. Letterheads, envelopes and business cards with your information can be a very reliable means of driving targeted traffic to your website. Some successful online business owners suggest going to a restaurant and leaving your business card with the tip. The business card should be professionally printed and include your name, business name, contact information and of course your website address.

No one ever said owning a legitimate online business was easy or free. The Internet is full of home business and online business opportunities. When you find the business you believe you can make work, it takes work and dedication on your part to make it successful. If these methods of traffic generation sound like too much work, some online companies offer to send traffic to your website for a relatively small fee.

Building a good potential client base for your website can take a lot of time. The conversion rate from traffic to client is .5 percent. On average 2,000 visitors may generate 10 customers who actually purchase a product or service. Monthly e-mail newsletters are a great way to gently remind people that your website exists.

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