If you believe that dressing up as a chicken and handing out flyers is a modus operandi for small home based business owners, you are correct! As a matter of fact, enduring the embarrassment of the chicken getup may be your way of attracting a large number of new customers who may otherwise not have heard of you! Surely you can think of other times when you have witnessed similar ways of attracting customers. These are the advertising techniques you should think about. Be daring, be creative! Give your customers a reason to rememeber your business.

Granted, chicken costumes only work for some businesses, but what about dressing up like a dog and handing out samples for your home baked dog biscuits? Why not dress up in full clown regalia at the park and handing out business cards attached to balloon animals for your party service? Shamelessly exploit the cuteness factor of your well trained dog or cat and cause the little furry ones to carry business cards to onlookers. Similarly, enlist your kids’ help to dress up as little Easter bunnies handing out carrots for your home based business that sells organic carrot juice, carrot cakes, and other carrot products. The opportunities are endless. A little imagination can go a long way when you are looking for something that will catch the attention of customers.

Advertising your home based business n creative ways is the surefire methodology that will get you noticed without your having to spend a fortune on a nationwide ad campaign. As a matter of fact, the more creative your ad campaign, the more buzz you will create. If you are especially savvy, you will find that there is an audience which may be less interested in your product and more in the show you are putting on, but which nonetheless will spread the word about you and by default about your business.

Thus, if you can find it within yourself to put on little skits in the park, in front of the library, on the playground, or anywhere else where you can get permission and also may find an audience, half of your objective – getting people to notice you – is accomplished. If you are good, the second half – getting people to talk about you and your product – will follow automatically.

If dressing up somehow just does not sit well with you, why not sponsor a booth at a local event? There are always little carnivals, fundraisers, or special events where the purchase of $ 50 worth of juice for the kids may earn your business name a display on a banner or program. Similarly, if there is an ongoing project in your community – perhaps a beautification of a park or beach – your ability to drum up some volunteers to come out and help will go a long ways to generating public notice and may even get you a write up in the local paper. This in turn will offer you a plethora of free advertising! Dress up your volunteers in t-shirts displaying your company website or logo, and get to work!

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