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April 21, 2019 Web Advertising

A few nice web advertising images I found:

web advertising
Mitchell Baker (President and “Chief Lizard Wrangler” of the Mozilla Foundation) and Jonathan Schwartz (CTO of Sun), interviewed by Tim O’Reilly this morning at Web2.0

By a show of hands: I would estimate Mac users in the audience were about 30%, and about 10x the number of OpenOffice users.

Schwartz: Everything Sun does will be open source.

Everyone wanted us to announce that we are doing an AJAX office suite, but I don’t think that makes sense. The Google announcement is that we are working together. We are going to combine our distribution efforts. We could offer VOIP or a lot of things. Let your mind run wild. We could store documents and edit in a distributed fashion. We will combine distribution with technology. The power is in the community, in the distribution the product.

O’Reilly: If you have to advertise it, it’s probably not web 2.0

Schwartz: Developers don’t buy things, they join them. It’s a community not a marketplace. Transparency is a competitive weapon.

Blogging is a better use of time than 1:1 interviews. But I have certainly caused a few coronaries in the Sun legal department.

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