October 23, 2016 Web Page Help

Building your own web site may prove to be quite a discouraging and frustrating task, especially for someone who has neither experience nor skills in creating or building web pages. However, with web page building tools, web designing may become a not so difficult task after all. You get the means of making an attractive and flashy website with the ease of a professional web page designer.

One of is greatest come on and advantages over personally hiring a professional web page designer or creator in your local area, is that it offers so much more in terms of affordability. There is even some web page building tools that can be used for free, albeit a little bit limited than those who opted to pay the minimal fee. You can download or use online these easy to use web page building tools and easily design a web page with the provided manuals or tutorials.

These tutorials would allow a person, even without any knowledge about programming to build their own web page. They will be assisted every step of the way. The very basic would be on how to construct a simple web page.

How to construct a web page?

The initial step in constructing a web site is the installation of the HTML editor. It is important to be oriented with this web page construction tool in order to know its functions. Tutorials found online are great help in explaining how to use the HTML tool.

The HTML editors allow the insertion of images into the body of a document as well as create hyperlinks to other pages. It also permits any reference file to be used as background image. And most of the HTML editors also allow the insertion of additional HTML code, which may be used for adding page counters, music and video clip to the web site.

The main page of the web site should be assigned the file name index.com while the rest of the pages may be assigned with any names however it is important to keep them short and without any special characters. But for simplicity one may just keep all web pages to end with “.htm”.

To see if you have already learned the HTML tool, it is advised to find a simple web page online and then save it on your directory. The graphics may be copied exactly the same from the web page to the hard drive. And afterwards simply print off the HTML code and see if it works. Some minor changes to the HTML are allowed. You may be able to see the result in your web browser. Remember to save the program changes and to reload the web page in the browser. This may not be a very simple method but it sure is a good way to learn HTML.

There are numerous HTML programming guides available online which effectively explains the basic syntax of the HTML language for easy understanding of HTML. Tools are likewise available to authenticate the HTML that you have written.

An HTML tool would allow you to do all the necessary web page building without the hassles.

How important is the HTML Tool?

The HTML editor plays an important role in web page building from creating new directories (public_html) to making other directories (cd public_html) and then creating the web page filename(index.html). HTML editor is likewise used to prevent anybody from deleting a web page (chmod 744index.html).

HTML editor is also used to create the title by using this format (title)webpage(end title). HTML is not case sensitive and so whether you use “title” or “TITLE” does not really make any difference. For the text, HTML has six levels of headings, numbered 1 to 6 with 1 as the largest level. Headings are displayed in larger or smaller fonts and usually bolder. The lists may be HTML, dotted and numbered. HTML is also used for forced line breaks, horizontal rules, linking and to other inclusion that you may want added to the web page.

These and so much more would be learned with a web page building tool. Try them out; there are some sites that offer these tools for a trial period. This could be the start of your web page building days.

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