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February 15, 2017 Website And Social Media

Some cool website and social media images:

website and social media
Dynasty is a digital photography project based on portrets of three Westland families (three or four generations) who are involved in the cultivation of grapes. With the portrets a historical and social impression should be given of the past, present and future of grape planters in the Westlands of the Netherlands.

The theme of the photography project is Glory. Glory is about the memory of those glorious days during the golden age of grape industry, and future glory; grape fanatics try to recapture glory by searching for new markets and a top quality product standard.

The project is a part of the 2004 / 2005 European Media Master of Art program (DiP, Digital Photography) on the Utrecht School for the Arts, Faculty Art, Media & Technology. This project is an assignment from Stichting Museum Ontwikkeling and Stichting de Westlandse Druif. The photographs will be presented on the thursday 27th of January 2005 in the hall of the Faculty Art, Media & Technology in Hilversum. After this the photographs will be the current exposition of the Westlands museum, open september 2005 (Monster, Netherlands)

Dynasty project research website

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