April 30, 2017 Website

If you have an online business and you think you can get away with an amateur-looking website, think again. Your website projects your business/product identity, and has a great role in establishing your brand. And to most online shoppers, first impressions last. If they don’t like what they see on your website the first time they visit, they’re not likely to come back.

If your site looks sloppy, loads slowly, has disorganized content, and is not compatible with several browsers, then chances are, you’ve lost a lot of potential clients already. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the world, if your website design Perth sucks, then online shoppers will most likely turn to your competition – one who is able to present his website and products in a more attractive way. With the plethora of online scammers, phishers, and hackers these days, online shoppers are not likely to trust a website that does not look professional.

As a business owner, web design Perth may not be your strong point, and that is okay. It could be tempting to build your site yourself, after all there are many free and easy to use web design tools you can easily download. But web development is more than just uploading pretty pictures and content. Putting up a website that is interactive, functional, and secure takes a lot more knowledge and skill. Most businesses, big, small, and everything in between often turn to skilled and experienced website designers to build their online presence.

Professional web designers would know how to develop your website to keep up with the latest Internet standards. The right web designer will make sure that your website is compatible with different browsers, even browser add ons. This designer will also ensure that your website is tailored to your target audience and even geographic location. The right designer will also deliver a cleanly-coded website so it will load faster, and rank higher in search engines. Think about it, if your site isn’t viewable to 10 percent of your target audience, can you imagine how much money you are losing?

Hiring professional designers for your web development needs will cost you some money at the outset, but a well designed website can have a very high return on investment. A website that is optimised for search engines can even save you a lot of money on other online marketing campaigns such as PPC and ads.

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