When you’re asking, “What is online marketing,” you are opening yourself up to a rather complicated subject. But, thankfully, with the automated online marketing systems of today, getting the online marketing help you need is much easier and faster.

In fact, an automated online marketing system does the bulk of the work for you. How? Simply because you’re leveraging other people’s technical knowledge to put together a system where all you have to do is learn its ABC’s and you’re off and running.


The answer to this question rapidly changes with the latest technologies. For example, when pay-per-click advertising came out, it was the “latest, greatest” idea. Now, savvy internet entrepreneurs know that using the social media is one of the “latest, greatest” ideas. So, when you are seeking internet marketing help today, you’ll want to be sure to include social media campaigns and article marketing campaigns if you’re starting out on a low-end budget and you’ll want to leave the pay-per-click campaigns to the companies with large advertising budgets.


Another thing you will want to do is use an automated online marketing system. What you’re doing when you use one is giving yourself access to marketing help that is kept up to date through the system’s technicians as well as leveraging your time with functions within the these systems such as contact managers, auto-responder emails, integration with mobile devices and social media, and training materials that give you the latest internet marketing help by telling you how to do content campaigns, etc.

For example, a smart marketing system will provide a “landing page” which captures your prospect’s information, “dumps” that information into a contact manager that helps you keep track of contacts, and then have pre-written emails and auto-responder emails that go out like clockwork, all of which creates relationships with prospects while you’re sleeping.

There’s one thing to remember, however, when using a step by step marketing system such as described here, and that is if you are going to invest the time into learning all the bells and whistles of the system, be sure that the system sells high profit items, rather than items that sell for pennies.

Another thing to consider if you are doing network marketing, is to use something called a network marketing lead system. Choose a high profit product that is deliverable over the Internet and available worldwide instead of going door-to-door like network marketing has done in the past and you will have found an international marketing system that is one of the “latest, greatest” ideas for network marketing today.

So, what is online marketing and why should you use automated online marketing systems? Because marketing online today is a “moving target.” In order to follow this target, you’ll want to find a smart marketing system that you feel great about using and selling the products it offers, learn the in’s and out’s of the system, and leave the technical stuff to those “computer people” who really love chasing the “latest, greatest” ideas for you!

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