April 15, 2017 What Is Social Networking

In today’s fast moving environment, having university social network and stay connected with your university contacts is becoming very important for students searching for good career opportunities. Although, resources and opportunities are available, but students may not necessarily be aware of their existence, or even have immediate accessibility to them. In those cases, creating worldwide universities network, getting to know international university people, grades of expertise, and strong connections turns out to be important. But the question comes why is social networking service is important.

Have you ever wonder what is social networking service and how does it benefit to university students, staff, alumni or all academics alike. For this, you must become the member of UniLinkr, a social networking service for University Students, University Staff, Alumni and all Academics. It is the best social networking website that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks of university students studying the same course or subjects or developing social relations with other staff members from your University or from other international Universities who share similar interests like social events, recreational, research groups etc. Most of the services provide means to students to connect, share and interact online, such as selling or buying second hand/new university text books and much more.

In addition to this, top social networking websites like UniLinkr allow students to make new friends at university, build strong university connections, share thoughts, tricks, social events and interests within their own academic community. But, before dining head-first into social networking service, it is imperative to take some time to build a powerful strategy. What type of University Network you want to make? How often will you connect to them, and which groups you are joining? What people like University students, staff or alumni will you aim to engage? How will you create your own academic community and following? Also, it is important to define goals and objectives. What do you hope to link with colleagues from other universities studying the same course or subjects? Think about connecting with international university students if you are planning on undertake a student exchange program. Like, you must stay connected or build stronger university network with alumni’s. This way, you will come to know whether your defined goals and efforts have been effective or not.

Just because there are many social networking service sites available online, it doesn’t mean you rely on all of them. Go for quality networking site like UniLinkr to give a sense to your strategy. Connect with other Staff members from your University or from other international Universities. A platform like UniLinkr would be perfect for targeting world university network, since it is widely used by international university students. So perhaps, it’s a great fit to expose you to registered companies and recruitment agencies looking for undergraduate/postgraduate students for career opportunities and also for an alumni networking community.

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