February 8, 2017 Www Social Network

The introduction of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, has
revolutionized the marketplace so that businesses be able to promote their goods and
services. These days, people of all types and ages are so hooked on the use of
such sites both for entertainment and business. And with its huge popularity
is different social network software products specifically calculated for
online business and owners of sites. If used correctly, this software can help
companies target customers, save money and time on marketing and promotion
of various products and services

One of the biggest advantages of using software is its ability to promote
better communication and interaction among business owners, customers and
prospects, and other professionals. With social network software, companies
are able to swiftly and efficiently present their products and services to
a big number of targeted community, which of course means more returns for the
business. Other than this, are able to build personal relationships with
customers plus understand more about their tastes and interests. They may even
have customer advice, which can be used to improve the business.

The best part is that by marketing using social network software can be used
at a much lower cost than normal methods, and even other types of online
marketing. Most software products require only a one time fee, no monthly fees
or extra charges for extra features.

I am going to go over two social network software and show you the advantages
of marketing with friend adding and promotion software.

1st Tweet Adder
Tweet Adder is an automated social network software that you use with Twitter.
Twitter is today’s hot spot! Movie, TV and music public figure, cable network and
local news, radio stations and shopping malls have Twitter accounts to promote
themselves on Twitter.

Tweet Adder is compatible with Windows PC, Mac Os X and Linux. With this tool
you can search Twitter accounts profiles pertaining to you like keyword,
location and language spoken then stores them to be followed. You can even
export the results to your PC.

Automated following features, never follow the same person twice,
special blacklist to block following to specific people.
Auto follow Twitter users – Fully control Twitter following with follower
ratio, max number of follows per day.
Auto follow stop feature – Automatically stops when Twitter follow limits are
Random time delay settings- You choose what time intervals between follows,
unfollows, tweets, and direct messages.

Automated Tweet Features
Automated tweets post throughout the day.
Post tweets to Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace.
Unique tweet generator – Creates unique tweets automatically.
RSS tweets – tweets any RSS feed whether from your blog updates, or any other
Re-tweets- Automatically retweet another user.
Mp3 poster – Bands and artists can upload Mp3s to www.mp3twit.com and share on
Post tweets with random time delay.

This social network software has lot more cool features to help you promote
you or your business.

2nd Facebook Blaster Pro

Facebook Blaster Pro is a social network software that you use with Facebook.
That is compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 2000. Some of the fully automatic
features are auto mass friend requests, mass friend messages, mass friend wall
poster, mass friend poker, amber alerts, auto captcha bypass and free life
time updates.

I have personally used both in my organization and if used correctly you can
create a lot of targeted leads.

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